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The "No Rejections" Publishing House since 2012.

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A. A. Smith is a twenty-one year-old author studying at the University of Toronto. She is the partner and co-founder of A. A. Smith Publishing House and is in charge of scouting and reviewing submissions. She is always searching for new talent and enjoys discussing the thoughts and ideas of upcoming novelists. Be sure to like her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Alisia.A.Smith, follow her on Twitter @AASPublising, and keep up with her blog at http://alisiabonnick.wordpress.com/ to stay up to date on new projects and releases!

Current Projects

Aside from promoting "The Perfect Crime" and "Diaspora", Alisia has a couple of completed manuscripts currently in the editorial process. One project is a paranormal romance wherein a teenage girl falls in love with a "decider of fate" - a man who is able to choose who lives and who dies. Suited for his job, he is a cautious romantic, and fears the loss of a loved one too much to become attached himself. These fears become a reality when his love is kidnapped, forcing him to choose between true love and the sanctity of a power entrusted to him by omnipotent forces.

Future Projects

Alisia has begun writing her first series, an adventure series for teenagers based on a teenage spy named Matthew McMillan (yes, another spy series). This story begins with McMillan having been crossed by his ex-partner, accused of being a double agent, and subsequently exiled from his agency. He escapes before his memories are erased and embarks on a quest to clear his name, capture his ex-partner, and evade death.