We offer 3 primary editing services, ranging from content editing to proofreading. Before any edit, we will meet with you to review your vision, targeted age group and genre, to ensure that our edits are specifically tailored to your needs.

Each edit will also include an overall report highlighting particular areas of interest based on plot, structure and grammar. Whether you’ve just finished the first draft, or have completed your fifth review, we have a package for you!

Content/Developmental Editing

This edit focuses on narrative voice, plot, character believability, development, and overall flow. If you’ve just finished your first draft, this edit is a great way to get an objective pair of eyes to review your work.
$0.034 cents/word.

Copy Editing

This edit assesses grammar, punctuation, and overall writing style (e.g., structure and diction). With plot holes and character development out of the way, this edit is ideal for writers focusing on honing their literary style and voice.
$0.028 cents/word.


This edit is a final comb-over for typos, formatting inconsistencies, and grammatical errors. This edit is an absolute must for writers looking to submit their work for professional publication – catching out-of-place punctuation and incomplete quotation marks is part of the final touch in polishing your masterpiece.
$0.025 cents/word.

Looking for a less detailed edit? Or a fresh pair of eyes on an outline instead of a full draft? Ask us about our “First Review” and “Overview” packages!


Formatting is an essential part of the publishing process. Whether you’re submitting your piece in a competition, to a printing press or are creating an electronic book, accurate formatting will help your finished product look polished and professional.

If you don’t want the hassle of formatting headings, margins, page breaks and more, leave it with us!

Flat rate (for traditional paper books, to your specifications) – $350
Flat rate (for conversion to e-book) – $400

FREE Consultations

We provide free 30-minute consultations with aspiring writers to help walk them through the ins and outs of traditional and self-publishing. If you’ve got questions or concerns about writing, editing, printing, marketing, and/or publishing, feel free to contact us to talk about your options as an author to-be!

Contact us:

Alisia Southwell – alisiasouthwell@aasmithpublishing.com
Lisa Smith – lisa.smith@aasmithpublishing.com