If you are interested in publishing with us, simply send us an email with the following:

∙ Either (a) Three chapters of your novel, or (b) The entirety of your short story (up to 15,000 words).
∙ A separate document including a chapter-by-chapter outline (for a novel), or overall outline (for novellas or short stories beyond 15,000 words).

Be sure to:

∙ Submit your document as a word (.doc, .docx) or PDF (.pdf) file.
∙ On the first page of the document include: Full name, preferred e-mail address, title of manuscript, and indicate whether the piece is complete or in progress.

Important details:

∙ We accept all genres of short stories, novellas, and novels for all ages.
∙ We are not currently accepting any poetry.
∙ We respond within three months. Depending on the quality of your work, we will either (a) Provide extensive feedback and ask for resubmission in three or more months, or (b) Contact you with the intent of moving forward with your work.
∙ If you wish to produce artwork for authors at A. A. Smith Publishing, you can submit up to fifteen pages of an art portfolio along with a brief bio to be considered for ongoing contract work.

Got it? Then don’t be shy, send away!

Send submissions to:

Alisia Southwell –
Lisa Smith –

Bonus: Ask us about how you can retain 100% of your royalties!