A. A. Smith

“How did you decide you wanted to become a writer?”

I didn’t, really. I mean, no matter how busy I am with school, friends, family or work, whenever inspiration hits I have to stop everything to writer. If I’m without a computer, then on paper, a Starbucks napkin, even my phone in dire situations. If I go too long without writing, my ideas consume me. I don’t know, is that a choice?

-A. A. Smith, in an interview with UTSC’s The Underground

A. A. Smith has been writing for as long as she could put pen to paper. Since the publication of her first two novels, The Perfect Crime and Diaspora, she has been interviewed by radio, magazines, participated on Canada’s Smartest Person, and helped create an ad for Hilroy. She has studied writing formally at the collegiate and university levels, and has experience spearheading the editorial department of a student-led magazine. Her work has been published both creatively and academically over the years, and she has no intentions of slowing down.

I. C. Nicastro

I. C. Nicastro’s career started in a creative writing class at the age of 17 and has since been fuelled by his passion for fantasy and affinity for creativity. Though their first novel spawned from their very first writing class, further courses in fantasy at the University of Toronto (Mississauga) and the ingenuity of writers like J. K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien have inspired their work. Nicastro has completed an undergraduate degree, double majoring in Art & Art History and Communication Culture Information Technology. Outside of Nicastro’s writing practices, they are primarily focused on their independent curatorial and fine arts career. With this background, Nicastro launched I. C. Contemporary in March of 2020, a digital art gallery that aims to support emerging artists.